WTF Candidate Endorsement Criteria

Are you a candidate for political office in Tennessee who is interested in applying for WTF’s endorsement? Email WTF at

The WTF Endorsement Committee uses the criteria below to guide our decisions regarding candidate endorsement and funding:

  • The candidate must be a woman.
  • The candidate must demonstrate a viable path to victory.
  • The candidate must demonstrate support for the economic and political empowerment of women and the protection of women’s rights in all arenas.
  • The candidate must demonstrate support of federal, state, or local efforts to safeguard health care access and reproductive justice.

Additionally, WTF prioritizes support for those who fulfill the above criteria and who also meet the following conditions that make them “Pathfinder” candidates:

  • Women who are running for the first time for the office they are seeking
  • Women who are running for an office that has not yet been held by a woman

See our list of endorsed candidates for upcoming elections.