Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: DeAnna Osborne


WTF-endorsed candidate DeAnna Osborne is in a competitive election in a flippable district in Rutherford County. With no incumbent in the race, this open seat presents a unique opportunity in Middle Tennessee to pick-up a seat and flip it from red to blue.

This is a seat that could help break the Republican supermajority and give a voice to Tennessee Democrats.

DeAnna is a local public school teacher whose husband had a massive heart attack, leaving her to raise her 4 children alone – one with a chronic health issue, another child who is differently-abled. Because they had access to affordable healthcare and quality public schools, her family has survived. DeAnna is running for office because she wants every Tennessee family to have their basic needs met, as hers did.

DeAnna knows the value of hard work and a living wage. As a teacher, she has seen the effects our legislature has had on her students, as they put testing above teaching. Her family has withstood health crisis after health crisis, feeling the pain of escalating costs and struggling to pay them.

With your help, we can send DeAnna to the State House – someone who will fight for all of us.

Can you chip in $10 to her campaign right now and let her know you have her back?

CONTRIBUTE: http://bit.ly/WTFforDeAnna

(100% of your contribution goes directly to DeAnna’s campaign)

I know we ask a lot of you, but in the final days of the election, every contribution makes a difference.

Let’s #ElectWTFWomen!

Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Andrea Bond Johnson


Andrea Bond Johnson is running for House District 82, including Crockett, Haywood and Lauderdale counties. State Representative Craig Fitzhugh has served this district for 24 years but when he decided to run for Governor it left this swing-district open.

Republicans hold a supermajority in both chambers, and if we hold our incumbent Democrats and flip 9 House Districts from Red to Blue, Democrats will break that supermajority and be in a better position to fight back against Republican legislation that hurts Tennessee women and families.

This is a MUST HOLD seat. And it’s not going to be easy. There are more registered Republicans than there are Democrats in the district by a small margin.

Andrea is a wife, mother, businesswoman, and long-time community leader. Andrea is running on a platform of investing in public education, expanding access to healthcare and fighting for good paying jobs.

Join WTF and Leader Fitzhugh in supporting this critical race by making a contribution to Andrea right now. Any amount helps in these final weeks of the campaign.


Together, we will #ElectWTFWomen.


Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Katrina Robinson

WTF-endorsed candidate Katrina Robinson is in a competitive Democratic Primary with incumbent Senator Reginald Tate (D-Memphis). Katrina is an entrepreneur, small business owner and health care advocate who is committed to advancing women’s equality and protecting women’s reproductive justice.

Katrina came to statewide attention as an entrepreneur in 2015, when she successfully wrote her own grant proposal to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She secured a $1.6 million federal grant, and began The Healthcare Institute Inc. – a vocational training school, which has since become the only independently owned licensed nursing program in the state of Tennessee. Katrina and The Healthcare Institute have provided scholarships to over 500 Memphians in the school’s first three years of operation.

Katrina is an active member of her community, serving as chair of the Shelby County Government Ethics Commission and she is a loving mom to her two children. When elected, she will be the only working mother serving in the Tennessee State Senate.

This race is critically important and here is why: right now only five Democrats serve in the TN State Senate and most of the time her opponent does not vote in support of our most basic Democratic values. Just take a look at Senator Tate’s voting record:

  • SB 118, expand Medicaid in Tennessee, voted no
  • SB 161, vouchers, voted yes
  • HB 2129, vote to keep Confederate statues, voted yes
  • SB 2494 Planned Parenthood defunding, voted yes
  • SB 1280, Ambulatory Requirements for Abortion Clinics, voted yes
  • SB 2160, longer sentences for undocumented immigrants, voted yes
  • HB 2520, vote to punish Memphis on monuments, did not vote but in attendance
  • SB 363, preempt cities on affordable housing, did not vote but in attendance
  • SB 244, fetal heartbeat bill, did not vote but in attendance
  • SB 2777, unborn monument, did not vote but in attendance
  • SB 1180, 20 week abortion ban, did not vote
  • SB 241, eliminates Economic Council on Women, did not vote
  • SB 1759, bans smoking in cars with kids, did not vote

With so much at stake in 2018, we need our elected officials to lead with courage. We need our elected officials to fight for expanded access to healthcare and for our most basic rights as women. Senator Tate has repeatedly demonstrated that we cannot count on him to lead with political courage.

Will you step up right now and pitch in $10 to Katrina’s campaign? Any amount you can give will go a long way in this race! 

With your support, we can and we will #ElectWTFWomen who will lead with courage and fight to protect our rights.

You can give online here: http://bit.ly/WTFforKatrinaRobinson

Happy Pride from WTF: YL!

We want to wish you a Happy Pride! From Knoxville to Memphis, our state is celebrating LGBT+ Tennesseans this month – but this isn’t the only month that LGBT+ rights should be on our mind. Any time we head to the polls, we need to be sure we are voting for progress, and that is what WTF is all about.

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Ways To Join Our Movement And Get Involved!

Our Mission

Women for Tennessee’s Future (WTF) is a Democratic political action committee (PAC) that elects pro-choice women to office at the local and state levels in Tennessee.

Get Involved

WTF harnesses YOUR POWER. Our movement is driven by YOU. Our community of 15,000+ donors, volunteers, social media followers, elected officials and candidates is the driving force for progressive change in Tennessee. There are so many ways that you can help WTF grow and expand our reach. Join us today!

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Exciting News! WTF has hired Sarah McCall as its first Executive Director.

We have big news to share with you: WTF has hired Sarah McCall as its first Executive Director! As you know, for the past 10 months, Sarah has led WTF’s efforts to grow the organization statewide as our Expansion Director, and WTF’s Board of Directors has elevated her to Executive Director to continue our strategic growth. WTF began as a grassroots, all-volunteer effort six years ago, but your support has enabled us to take on our first full-time leader. We know there are many of you that remember our humble beginnings—we have come a long way!

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WTF: Young Leaders—A Busy Year Ahead

It has been a great year so far. We celebrated our first anniversary at Craft Brewed, raising about a fifth of our goal for the year while learning about Transit for Nashville from Nora Kern, and Safe TN Project from Beth Joslin Roth. Council Member Kathleen Murphy inspired us by telling her story about running for office as a young woman, and blogger Leigh Lovett enouraged women to collaborate with one another, not compete. A lot of great candidates came to the event to talk to our members and answer questions.

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Celebrating One Year of YL

Our first year has gone by so fast, and we are grateful to have engaged so many wonderful young leaders in progressive politics. We raised thousands of dollars, but also recognized the significant political power of young people outside of donations and started a volunteer committee late in the year. Volunteers put in nearly 200 hours in this short period of time, and about 1/3 of them had never volunteered. We are very excited about this growing this for our endorsed candidates in 2018 – let us know if you’re interested in helping out.

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WTF’s Women’s March 2.0 Guide


Ready. Set. March! The Women’s March 2.0 Conference and Rally in Nashville is just a few days away and we hope you have plans to make your voice heard by participating in the conference or the rally/march, or better yet… both! We’ve been getting some questions about the schedule of events, so here is everything you need to know.

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