It’s Pride Month! Let’s Keep Making History


I join WTF in celebrating Pride during the month of June. In 2015, I earned one of WTF’s earliest endorsements when I ran for Nashville Metro Council.

With your help, I made history as the first openly LGBTQ woman elected to a legislative body in the state of Tennessee when I won that race!

As any candidate knows, it takes bravery to put your name on the ballot and run for office. Having an organization like WTF support and invest in my candidacy gave me additional courage and strength to run as my authentic self and win.

Last year, I ran for re-election and earned WTF’s support again. During that campaign, I pledged that if 4 or more LGBTQ people were elected to Nashville Metro Council, I would form an LGBTQ Caucus to advocate for all LGBTQ Nashvillians.

With the help of WTF, we did just that: I won my race again and Nashville made history by electing 5 openly LGBTQ Councilmembers in one year. I am proud to Chair the first-ever Nashville Metro Council LGBTQ Caucus, which became a reality in October 2019.

WTF is changing the face of TN politics and I am grateful for the organization’s many years of support.

Will you help us continue the mission by joining WTF’s Monthly Giving Team? Please make a monthly sustaining contribution of $5 or more and WTF will send you their signature wine glass!


I made my contribution and have been using my WTF wine glass throughout the quarantine. We can’t be together in person to celebrate Pride month, but we can raise a glass together and celebrate the strides we have made and will continue to make in the future.

Your support means so much to endorsed candidates like myself. Let’s continue to make history together and #ElectWTFWomen this year! 

In Solidarity,

Councilmember Nancy VanReece
Nashville Metro Councilmember, District 8

WTF Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

WTF is inspired by the thousands of people in Tennessee and across the nation that are rising up in peaceful protests and demonstrations to demand justice in the murder of George Floyd.  Black Lives Matter and we stand in solidarity with the organizations, activists, and organizers leading this movement to demand reform to our criminal justice system including police practices, the use of force and aggressive policing.

But we need protest AND politics, as President Barack Obama noted earlier this week:

WTF is laser focused on electoral politics and supporting diverse women who will advocate change that represents our values.

On Tuesday, WTF participated in the #BlackOutTuesday movement on Instagram to make space for Black voices and leaders. Today, we ask that you invest in making sure Black women are heard now, on Election Day, and at the State Capitol in Nashville.

You can help WTF elect more Black women to office at the local and state level in Tennessee. WTF has endorsed three Black women who are running strong campaigns for the State Legislature.

Please chip in $25, $35, $50 or more to each of their campaigns right now:

100% of your contribution goes directly to their campaigns.

Thank you in advance for generously supporting our endorsed candidates. Together we will #ElectWTFWomen.

In Solidarity,

Women for Tennessee’s Future

Host A Virtual House Party For WTF!

As candidates adjust the way they campaign in the new era of COVID-19 and #StayHome, WTF must adjust our model as well. Our mission isn’t changing. In fact, leveling the financial playing field for female candidates is even more important as fundraising becomes more and more challenging.

For that reason, it is critical that WTF keep growing our movement. We must inspire more folks to join our 2020 Team!

Here is one way you can help WTF: 
Can you host a 1-hour virtual “house party” or “social hour” with us for your friends?

To host, you provide the invite list, and gather 15-25 of your friends, book club members, neighbors, and/or colleagues to join a Zoom conference call.

To be clear, this is not WTF spreading the word to our list, because those folks are already with us and on our team! We need your help if you think you have 15-25 people who are not aware about WTF, but you think they will be supportive of our mission and should be aware of us!

WTF will provide an invitation for you to send to your invitees, Zoom conferencing software, a presentation, and a couple speakers to talk about WTF’s mission.

If you’d like to see an invitation example, please CLICK HERE for the invite to the first Virtual House Party we hosted in March.

Interested? Email our Executive Director, Sarah McCall, to get started:

Thank you for considering this request! This is an important way you can support WTF right now! With your help, we will #ElectWTFWomen in 2020.

Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Tami Sawyer


We have an opportunity to make history and elect the first female Mayor of Memphis. County Commissioner Tami Sawyer is a dynamic leader and social justice activist committed to building coalitions across communities to make Memphis fairer and more equitable for all because “Memphis Can’t Wait”!

As the race for Mayor becomes increasingly vitriolic, WTF is proud to endorse and stand with Commissioner Sawyer. Just a few days ago, Memphis Magazine pulled its September issue and offered an apology for cover art that displayed racist and sexist caricatures of Commissioner Sawyer.

As a Shelby County elected official, Commissioner Sawyer deserves respect. Chip in $100, $50 or $25 to let Tami know that you stand with her.

Tami’s opponents, incumbent Mayor Jim Strickland and former Mayor Willie Herenton, refuse to attend a public debate with her, denying Memphis voters an opportunity to hear from all of the candidates. Furthermore, both Strickland and Herenton refuse to say Commissioner Sawyer’s name at public events. Herenton instead refers to her as the “young lady”.

Women deserve better. And Memphis deserves leaders who will lead with courage and offer their vision for the city in a public debate.

This race is historic. Can you make a contribution to Tami right now to help WTF make history?

Election Day is October 3rd. If you live in Memphis, please cast your ballot for Tami Sawyer.

Together, we can and we will #ElectWTFWomen

Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Indya Kincannon


WTF-endorsed candidate Indya Kincannon is in a very competitive race to become Knoxville’s next Mayor. Current Mayor Madeline Rogero is term-limited, so this is an open-seat. In August, Indya and a Conservative businessman advanced to the General run-off. Election Day is November 5th.

Indya is a long-time community leader, teacher, mom, and former special program manager in Mayor Madeline Rogero’s administration. She was elected to the Knox County Board of Education in 2004, serving 10 years and chairing the Board for three of those years.

Early in the campaign, the Knoxville News Sentinel pointed out that

“Indya Kincannon may have the smallest campaign war chest among the three major candidates for mayor, but she is clearly competitive, and there’s a feeling among close local political watchers that she will make it through the Aug. 27 primary to a likely runoff election in November.”

Can you chip in $25 to Indya’s campaign right now? 

WTF was founded for exactly this reason – to help level the financial playing field for female candidates who historically have a harder time raising the needed resources to run for office.

Furthermore, growing the number of female executive office holders is challenging, making this race a priority for WTF. Historically, voters are much more accustomed to seeing and supporting women public officials as members of a deliberative body like School Board, City Council or the State Legislature.

With your help, we can change historical trends like thisChip in $25 right now.

At our peak, Tennessee has had three Democratic women Mayors of our top five largest cities. With Mayor Rogero being term-limited this year, Tennessee is in jeopardy of having ZERO Democratic women Mayors of our top five largest cities after 2019. 

We can’t let that happen.

And, of course, if you live in Knoxville, please cast your vote for Indya Kincannon!

Thanks for stepping up to support an impressive WTF-endorsed candidate! Let’s #ElectWTFWomen Mayor! 

WTF Celebrates Black History Month

In 2017 and 2018 a record number of African-American women ran for office and won their elections in Tennessee. During Black History Month, WTF shared the impressive stories of 24 trailblazing elected officials who broke barriers. This list is not exhaustive as many more black women serve in office than we could feature in one month.

If you haven’t been following along on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, please click on our social media links and search the hashtag #WTFCelebratesBlackHistoryMonth. You can go back and read through their inspiring profiles and #BlackGirlMagic facts. 

From their stories we see different pathways to office and a diversity of backgrounds, ages and life experiences, but what is most important is that these women are reshaping what it means to be an elected official. They are leading in their own authentic ways and using their voices to change their communities for the better. Many of these electeds are the first or the only African-American woman to serve on their respective governing body and WTF is committed to ensuring they are not the last.

Let’s keep the #BlackGirlMagic going!

WTF has endorsed Juanita Charles in the Special Election for Senate District 22, in Houston, Montgomery, and Stewart counties. Juanita is unopposed in the March 7th Democratic Primary. General Election Day is Tuesday, April 23rd, so WTF is asking our members to step up right now and join us in supporting her.

In 2018, Tennessee elected three black women in the same year to the State Senate for the first time in our state’s history. Let’s make history one more time and send Juanita Charles to join them in the Senate!

In honor of the 24 women leaders we featured during Black History Month, can you make a $24 contribution to Juanita’s campaign for State Senate?

Give Online:

(100% of your contribution that you give online, goes directly to Juanita’s campaign.)

Thank you for stepping up to help us #ElectWTFWomen!

Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Danielle Schonbaum


WTF-endorsed candidate Danielle Schonbaum is running for House District 83, a competitive district in Shelby County, where Hillary Clinton only garnered 45% of the vote in 2016.  But a blue wave rolled through Shelby County during the August elections–and we need your help to continue that wave in November.

Danielle has worked in the financial industry for more than twenty years and wants to keep state government accountable to all Tennesseans. As the Director of Research at the Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce, Danielle works every day to strengthen Shelby County’s workforce, giving employees the skills they need to thrive, and providing employers with a say in how training programs are structured.

Danielle’s strategy for strengthening Shelby County includes access to pre-k regardless of zip code, expanding access to affordable healthcare, including Medicaid expansion, and common sense gun legislation that is long overdue in Tennessee.

Her opponent, Rep. Mark White, has routinely voted against the interests of women. He was a supporter of Amendment One, voted in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood and opposed Medicaid expansion.

Can you chip in $10 today to Danielle’s campaign so that we help her across the finish line?


(100% of your contribution goes directly to Danielle’s campaign)

Together, we will #ElectWTFWomen. Thanks for stepping up

Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: DeAnna Osborne


WTF-endorsed candidate DeAnna Osborne is in a competitive election in a flippable district in Rutherford County. With no incumbent in the race, this open seat presents a unique opportunity in Middle Tennessee to pick-up a seat and flip it from red to blue.

This is a seat that could help break the Republican supermajority and give a voice to Tennessee Democrats.

DeAnna is a local public school teacher whose husband had a massive heart attack, leaving her to raise her 4 children alone – one with a chronic health issue, another child who is differently-abled. Because they had access to affordable healthcare and quality public schools, her family has survived. DeAnna is running for office because she wants every Tennessee family to have their basic needs met, as hers did.

DeAnna knows the value of hard work and a living wage. As a teacher, she has seen the effects our legislature has had on her students, as they put testing above teaching. Her family has withstood health crisis after health crisis, feeling the pain of escalating costs and struggling to pay them.

With your help, we can send DeAnna to the State House – someone who will fight for all of us.

Can you chip in $10 to her campaign right now and let her know you have her back?


(100% of your contribution goes directly to DeAnna’s campaign)

I know we ask a lot of you, but in the final days of the election, every contribution makes a difference.

Let’s #ElectWTFWomen!

Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Andrea Bond Johnson


Andrea Bond Johnson is running for House District 82, including Crockett, Haywood and Lauderdale counties. State Representative Craig Fitzhugh has served this district for 24 years but when he decided to run for Governor it left this swing-district open.

Republicans hold a supermajority in both chambers, and if we hold our incumbent Democrats and flip 9 House Districts from Red to Blue, Democrats will break that supermajority and be in a better position to fight back against Republican legislation that hurts Tennessee women and families.

This is a MUST HOLD seat. And it’s not going to be easy. There are more registered Republicans than there are Democrats in the district by a small margin.

Andrea is a wife, mother, businesswoman, and long-time community leader. Andrea is running on a platform of investing in public education, expanding access to healthcare and fighting for good paying jobs.

Join WTF and Leader Fitzhugh in supporting this critical race by making a contribution to Andrea right now. Any amount helps in these final weeks of the campaign.


Together, we will #ElectWTFWomen.


Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Katrina Robinson

WTF-endorsed candidate Katrina Robinson is in a competitive Democratic Primary with incumbent Senator Reginald Tate (D-Memphis). Katrina is an entrepreneur, small business owner and health care advocate who is committed to advancing women’s equality and protecting women’s reproductive justice.

Katrina came to statewide attention as an entrepreneur in 2015, when she successfully wrote her own grant proposal to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She secured a $1.6 million federal grant, and began The Healthcare Institute Inc. – a vocational training school, which has since become the only independently owned licensed nursing program in the state of Tennessee. Katrina and The Healthcare Institute have provided scholarships to over 500 Memphians in the school’s first three years of operation.

Katrina is an active member of her community, serving as chair of the Shelby County Government Ethics Commission and she is a loving mom to her two children. When elected, she will be the only working mother serving in the Tennessee State Senate.

This race is critically important and here is why: right now only five Democrats serve in the TN State Senate and most of the time her opponent does not vote in support of our most basic Democratic values. Just take a look at Senator Tate’s voting record:

  • SB 118, expand Medicaid in Tennessee, voted no
  • SB 161, vouchers, voted yes
  • HB 2129, vote to keep Confederate statues, voted yes
  • SB 2494 Planned Parenthood defunding, voted yes
  • SB 1280, Ambulatory Requirements for Abortion Clinics, voted yes
  • SB 2160, longer sentences for undocumented immigrants, voted yes
  • HB 2520, vote to punish Memphis on monuments, did not vote but in attendance
  • SB 363, preempt cities on affordable housing, did not vote but in attendance
  • SB 244, fetal heartbeat bill, did not vote but in attendance
  • SB 2777, unborn monument, did not vote but in attendance
  • SB 1180, 20 week abortion ban, did not vote
  • SB 241, eliminates Economic Council on Women, did not vote
  • SB 1759, bans smoking in cars with kids, did not vote

With so much at stake in 2018, we need our elected officials to lead with courage. We need our elected officials to fight for expanded access to healthcare and for our most basic rights as women. Senator Tate has repeatedly demonstrated that we cannot count on him to lead with political courage.

Will you step up right now and pitch in $10 to Katrina’s campaign? Any amount you can give will go a long way in this race! 

With your support, we can and we will #ElectWTFWomen who will lead with courage and fight to protect our rights.

You can give online here: