WTF Endorsement: Nancy Fischman for State Representative

Nancy FischmanNancy Fischman

Nancy Fischman is running for State Representative in east Tennessee’s District 7, which includes parts of Johnson City and Washington County. Nancy is a small business person, environmental and arts advocate, and longtime community volunteer. She supports WTF values of strong public schools, expansion of health care access, and equality for all citizens.

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WTF Endorsement: Angela Callis for State Representative

Angela CallisAngela Callis

Angela Callis is running for State Representative in west Tennessee’s District 76, which includes Martin and parts of Carroll, Obion, and Weakley counties. Angela is a former staff member for Governor Ned McWherter, a Democratic State Executive Committee Member, and a small business owner. She supports WTF values of affordable health care, quality public education, and equal pay.

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WTF Endorsement: Khristy Wilkinson for State Senate

Khristy WilkinsonKhristy Wilkinson

Khristy Wilkinson is running for State Senate in District 10, which includes Chattanooga and parts of Hamilton and Bradley counties. She is a WTF Pathfinder candidate, running for a seat that has never been held by a woman. Khristy serves on the Board of Directors of her neighborhood association and is a tireless community volunteer and public school parent. She supports WTF values of expanded health care access, fully funded public schools, and strong wages for Tennessee’s workers.

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WTF Endorsement: Marjorie Ramsey for State Representative

marjorie-ramseyMarjorie Ramsey

Marjorie Ramsey is running for State Representative in District 11, which includes Cocke County and parts of Greene and Jefferson counties in east Tennessee. Marjorie is a farmer and community activist who lives on the Centerview farm where she was born and raised. She supports WTF’s advocacy for health care access, common sense politics, and strong public schools.

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