Young Leaders

In 2017, WTF launched its Young Leaders Council (YLC) to raise money from women 36 and under. The YLC is a powerful group of young leaders who are dedicated to engaging the next generation of women in WTF’s mission. The YLC sold out their launch event in March 2017 and continues to grow the Young Leaders network through house parties and networking events.

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YLC Co-Chairs
Hannah Benjamin
Jessica McDuffie-Massey

YLC Event Committee Co-Chairs
Emily Kubis
Grace Stranch

YLC Comunications & Outreach Committee Co-Chairs
Anne Havard
Chris Weidel

YLC Finance Committee Chair
Jane-Coleman Harbison

YLC At-Large Members
Chelsea Angelo
Mary Elizabeth Darby
Callie Jennings
Kate Ramsur
Abigail Stranch