About WTF


Women for Tennessee’s Future (WTF) is a Democratic political action committee (PAC) that elects pro-choice women to office at the local and state levels in Tennessee.


WTF provides our WTF-endorsed candidates campaign services, fundraising, and volunteer support to increase the number of progressive women serving in political office – because representation is power. WTF-endorsed candidates demonstrate support for the economic and political empowerment of women and will safeguard women’s access to health care and reproductive justice. At the core of our mission, WTF was founded to level the playing field for female candidates to ensure they have the funding and resources necessary to run strong, successful campaigns.


WTF believes that when our elected representation reflects the diversity of our communities, our public policy is more inclusive and equitable. Studies show that women are more likely to work across party lines and value achievement over ego. Women tend to be more results oriented and more collaborative, which is demonstrated by studies that show women sponsor and co-sponsor more bills than their male counterparts. Those bills are more likely to prioritize families and children and address issues like education, healthcare, civil rights and the environment. At a time when our democracy is under attack and our politics is deeply divided, consider this recent finding from Virginia Tech researchers, Chandan Kumar Jha and Sudipta Sarangi: “In a cross-country analysis of over 125 countries, this study finds that corruption is lower in countries where a greater share of parliamentarians are women.” The research is clear: when women serve, we all win.