About WTF

Women for Tennessee’s Future (WTF) is a political action committee dedicated to mobilization, advocacy and fundraising for the election of progressive women across the state of Tennessee. Through raising interest, awareness, and funds, WTF empowers women to make a difference in local and state elections.

WTF-Event-1WTF holds several events throughout the year to raise funds to support our mission. Our events also provide education about women’s role in the political process in Tennessee, offer information about current political issues of concern to women in Tennessee, and allow members to meet local and state elected officials as well as our endorsed candidates. These events, fueled by wine and cheese, produce lively discussion and great networking.

If you wish to be added to our mailing list for these events, visit our “Become a member” page.

We are progressive women organized “to protect, preserve, and further the interests of women in Tennessee and the U.S., by supporting measures which are in general agreement with these purposes, and by attempting to obtain the nomination or election of women who are candidates for nomination or election to state or local elective office and who are believed to be in general agreement with these purposes.”

WTF Articles of Association, December 28, 2012