Candidate Spotlight: Jerri Green for HD 83

Jerri Green is One Tough Mother. She is an attorney, educator, human rights worker, community volunteer and a survivor of gun violence. Jerri is running for House District 83 in Memphis and Germantown, which has never been represented by a woman.

When elected, Jerri will be the only mother of school aged children in the TN House. She is running a top-notch campaign and has consistently been among the highest fundraisers for a challenger House candidate this cycle.

Jerri’s hard work and impressive fundraising means the campaign was able to go on air with their first TV ad! Polling in this race has Jerri within striking distance and being on TV will help her close the gap. Will you join WTF and help Jerri keep her TV ad on air until Election Day by making a contribution to her campaign?

(100% of your contribution goes directly to Jerri’s campaign)

Join the One Tough Mother campaign. Together, we can make history in Memphis and #ElectWTFWomen! Thank you for stepping up to support our WTF-endorsed candidates in these final, critical days.