One Week Until August 6th Election Day

Today we are one week from the statewide primary and municipal election on August 6th. If you have not cast your ballot yet, WTF encourages you to vote early to avoid long lines on Election Day. Early voting ends on Saturday and you can find polling times and locations through your County Election Commission.

WTF has 15 endorsed candidates on the ballot across the state, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight our candidates in competitive primaries or races which they must win on August 6th.

You can click the names below to read each candidate’s profile on our website. If you are able, we encourage you to pick one or two candidates and chip-in a final contribution before Election Day.

There is a link to donate directly to their campaigns in each of their profiles on our website. 100% of your contribution goes directly to the candidate.

Our candidates are still running digital ads and paying for the last of their mail to ensure they Get Out The Vote

Candidates in Democratic Primaries for the State Legislature
These three candidates must win their Democratic Primary to continue on to the General Election in November.

Re-Elect State Senator Sara Kyle  (Memphis)

Jane George for Senate District 6 (Knoxville)

Dominique Primer for House District 84 (Memphis)

Candidates for Local Office
August 6th is the final Election Day for Alderman Dunn and Ashli Shockley. There are 2 open seats and 3 candidates in the race. Join us in helping elect both women Alderman in Tullahoma!

Re-Elect Robin Dunn Tullahoma Alderman

Ashli Shockley for Tullahoma Alderman

Thank you for stepping up to support our endorsed candidates in the final week before Election Day. Together, with your help, we will #ElectWTFWomen on August 6th.