It’s Pride Month! Let’s Keep Making History


I join WTF in celebrating Pride during the month of June. In 2015, I earned one of WTF’s earliest endorsements when I ran for Nashville Metro Council.

With your help, I made history as the first openly LGBTQ woman elected to a legislative body in the state of Tennessee when I won that race!

As any candidate knows, it takes bravery to put your name on the ballot and run for office. Having an organization like WTF support and invest in my candidacy gave me additional courage and strength to run as my authentic self and win.

Last year, I ran for re-election and earned WTF’s support again. During that campaign, I pledged that if 4 or more LGBTQ people were elected to Nashville Metro Council, I would form an LGBTQ Caucus to advocate for all LGBTQ Nashvillians.

With the help of WTF, we did just that: I won my race again and Nashville made history by electing 5 openly LGBTQ Councilmembers in one year. I am proud to Chair the first-ever Nashville Metro Council LGBTQ Caucus, which became a reality in October 2019.

WTF is changing the face of TN politics and I am grateful for the organization’s many years of support.

Will you help us continue the mission by joining WTF’s Monthly Giving Team? Please make a monthly sustaining contribution of $5 or more and WTF will send you their signature wine glass!


I made my contribution and have been using my WTF wine glass throughout the quarantine. We can’t be together in person to celebrate Pride month, but we can raise a glass together and celebrate the strides we have made and will continue to make in the future.

Your support means so much to endorsed candidates like myself. Let’s continue to make history together and #ElectWTFWomen this year! 

In Solidarity,

Councilmember Nancy VanReece
Nashville Metro Councilmember, District 8