WTF Is Proud To Endorse Jane George


Dr. Jane George is a first-time candidate, Knoxville native and local business owner who is running for Senate District 6 in Knoxville. Jane believes that the state legislature is a critical level in the establishment of policy serving the majority of Tennesseans instead of the few. Basic rights such as affordable healthcare access, reproductive rights for women, environmental protection, sustainable living wage and quality education are fundamental parts of her platform. She is also an advocate for attracting industry that brings good jobs into our state that are mindful of the incredible resources we have in our natural surroundings. Jane is outspoken for gun safety and, like the majority of Tennesseans, she opposes untrained and unlicensed individuals carrying lethal firearms in our state..

Her Primary Election Day is August 6, 2020. General Election Day is November 3, 2020.

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