Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Tami Sawyer


We have an opportunity to make history and elect the first female Mayor of Memphis. County Commissioner Tami Sawyer is a dynamic leader and social justice activist committed to building coalitions across communities to make Memphis fairer and more equitable for all because “Memphis Can’t Wait”!

As the race for Mayor becomes increasingly vitriolic, WTF is proud to endorse and stand with Commissioner Sawyer. Just a few days ago, Memphis Magazine pulled its September issue and offered an apology for cover art that displayed racist and sexist caricatures of Commissioner Sawyer.

As a Shelby County elected official, Commissioner Sawyer deserves respect. Chip in $100, $50 or $25 to let Tami know that you stand with her.

Tami’s opponents, incumbent Mayor Jim Strickland and former Mayor Willie Herenton, refuse to attend a public debate with her, denying Memphis voters an opportunity to hear from all of the candidates. Furthermore, both Strickland and Herenton refuse to say Commissioner Sawyer’s name at public events. Herenton instead refers to her as the “young lady”.

Women deserve better. And Memphis deserves leaders who will lead with courage and offer their vision for the city in a public debate.

This race is historic. Can you make a contribution to Tami right now to help WTF make history?

Election Day is October 3rd. If you live in Memphis, please cast your ballot for Tami Sawyer.

Together, we can and we will #ElectWTFWomen