Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Indya Kincannon


WTF-endorsed candidate Indya Kincannon is in a very competitive race to become Knoxville’s next Mayor. Current Mayor Madeline Rogero is term-limited, so this is an open-seat. In August, Indya and a Conservative businessman advanced to the General run-off. Election Day is November 5th.

Indya is a long-time community leader, teacher, mom, and former special program manager in Mayor Madeline Rogero’s administration. She was elected to the Knox County Board of Education in 2004, serving 10 years and chairing the Board for three of those years.

Early in the campaign, the Knoxville News Sentinel pointed out that

“Indya Kincannon may have the smallest campaign war chest among the three major candidates for mayor, but she is clearly competitive, and there’s a feeling among close local political watchers that she will make it through the Aug. 27 primary to a likely runoff election in November.”

Can you chip in $25 to Indya’s campaign right now? 

WTF was founded for exactly this reason – to help level the financial playing field for female candidates who historically have a harder time raising the needed resources to run for office.

Furthermore, growing the number of female executive office holders is challenging, making this race a priority for WTF. Historically, voters are much more accustomed to seeing and supporting women public officials as members of a deliberative body like School Board, City Council or the State Legislature.

With your help, we can change historical trends like thisChip in $25 right now.

At our peak, Tennessee has had three Democratic women Mayors of our top five largest cities. With Mayor Rogero being term-limited this year, Tennessee is in jeopardy of having ZERO Democratic women Mayors of our top five largest cities after 2019. 

We can’t let that happen.

And, of course, if you live in Knoxville, please cast your vote for Indya Kincannon!

Thanks for stepping up to support an impressive WTF-endorsed candidate! Let’s #ElectWTFWomen Mayor!