WTF Is Proud To Endorse Commissioner Tami Sawyer


Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer is a dynamic leader and social justice activist committed to building coalitions across communities to make Memphis fairer and more equitable for all because ‘Memphis Can’t Wait’! As Mayor she will fight for an economy that works for everyone including better paying jobs, investments in small business development and programs to expand affordable housing. She is focused on criminal justice reform and Memphis’s youth, with a detailed plan to provide more academic opportunity and support inside and outside of the classroom.

When elected, Commissioner Sawyer will make history as Memphis’s first female Mayor.

Her General Election Day is October 3, 2019.

Join WTF in supporting Commissioner Sawyer by making a donation to her campaign online:

100% of your contribution does directly to her campaign. Please write “WTF” in the memo section so WTF can track our network’s fundraising power!

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Together, we will #ElectWTFWomen!