WTF Is Proud To Endorse Delishia Porterfield

[Endorsement Alert – Special Election]


WTF is proud to endorse Delishia Porterfield in the Special Election for Nashville Metro Council District 29, which includes Castlegate, Una, Priest Lake, Edge of Lake and Bayview. Delishia came in first place in the General Election and is currently in the Run-Off.

Delishia is running on a platform of investing fully in public education, improving infrastructure and prioritizing safety in our neighborhoods.

District 29 has been represented by a woman since 1995. We can’t break the streak now – the stakes are too high!

Her Special Run-Off Election Day is Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Join WTF in supporting Delishia by making a donation to her campaign online:

100% of your contribution goes directly to her campaign. Please write “WTF” in the memo section so WTF can track our network’s fundraising power.

Learn more about Delishia:

Together, we will #ElectWTFWomen.