WTF is proud to endorse Juanita Charles

Meet Juanita Charles

🚨 [Endorsement Alert – Special Election] 🚨

WTF is proud to endorse Juanita Charles in the Special Election for Senate District 22, in Houston, Montgomery and Stewart counties.

Juanita will work hard to improve the lives of working families in Tennessee by focusing her efforts on expanding Medicaid, improving infrastructure and ensuring our children have access to good, quality public education.

In 2018, Tennessee elected three black women in the same year to the State Senate for the first time in our state’s history. Let’s make history one more time and send Juanita Charles to join them in the Senate!

Special elections present unique opportunities for Democrats to pick-up seats because of lower voter turnout and their unpredictability.

Her General Election Day is April 23, 2019.

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