Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: DeAnna Osborne


WTF-endorsed candidate DeAnna Osborne is in a competitive election in a flippable district in Rutherford County. With no incumbent in the race, this open seat presents a unique opportunity in Middle Tennessee to pick-up a seat and flip it from red to blue.

This is a seat that could help break the Republican supermajority and give a voice to Tennessee Democrats.

DeAnna is a local public school teacher whose husband had a massive heart attack, leaving her to raise her 4 children alone – one with a chronic health issue, another child who is differently-abled. Because they had access to affordable healthcare and quality public schools, her family has survived. DeAnna is running for office because she wants every Tennessee family to have their basic needs met, as hers did.

DeAnna knows the value of hard work and a living wage. As a teacher, she has seen the effects our legislature has had on her students, as they put testing above teaching. Her family has withstood health crisis after health crisis, feeling the pain of escalating costs and struggling to pay them.

With your help, we can send DeAnna to the State House – someone who will fight for all of us.

Can you chip in $10 to her campaign right now and let her know you have her back?

CONTRIBUTE: http://bit.ly/WTFforDeAnna

(100% of your contribution goes directly to DeAnna’s campaign)

I know we ask a lot of you, but in the final days of the election, every contribution makes a difference.

Let’s #ElectWTFWomen!