WTF is proud to endorse Kate Trudell

Meet Kate Trudell

Kate Trudell, a first-time candidate and graduate of the Emerge Tennessee training program, is running for House District 16, in Knox County. Kate is a non-profit leader who has dedicated her career to protecting our most vulnerable populations. Kate is running on a platform of investing in public education, expanding access to healthcare and growing our economy.

Kate spent her childhood in small town, everybody-knows-your-name South Carolina, the daughter of a teacher and a small business owner. She was raised with an understanding that people, community, service, kindness, and thoughtful leadership are the keys to a better quality of life for everyone. Kate moved to Tennessee 15 years ago and has dedicated her career to the nonprofit sector, serving marginalized populations, and advocating for change.

In a country where the chasm between our needs and our leadership is widening at a terrifying rate, Kate wants to bring every voice to the table to ensure that each person in our community has what they need to thrive.

Her General Election Day is November 6, 2018.

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