Happy Pride from WTF: YL!

We want to wish you a Happy Pride! From Knoxville to Memphis, our state is celebrating LGBT+ Tennesseans this month – but this isn’t the only month that LGBT+ rights should be on our mind. Any time we head to the polls, we need to be sure we are voting for progress, and that is what WTF is all about.

Recently, a poll conducted by theSkimm, the Hive, and Survey Monkey (an ongoing partnership as we approach the 2018 midterms) asked millennials about our views on LGBT+ issues. While the results still reflected partisanship, they also reflected progress. 73% of liberal female young leaders said we would be voting with LGBT+ related policies as important or very important in our minds this November, and 15% said it will be our top priority in the voting booth this Fall.

But, when we posted about these good news, one person responded “now we just have to get them to vote,” and they are right. Be sure you are registered and ready to vote and get your friends to register. July 3 is the deadline to register for the August elections and primaries.

Coming up:

Save the Date! Our Fall event will take place on September 18 at the incredible Tinney Contemporary Art Gallery in Downtown Nashville.

Don’t forget:

We are expanding our coalition to include progressive Tennesseans up to 40 years of age. Tell your friends today!

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