WTF Endorsement: Seema Singh Perez for Knoxville City Council District 3

Update: Winner! Congratulations Seema on being elected to the Knoxville City Council!

WTF is proud to announce its endorsement of Seema Singh Perez for City Council District 3 in Knoxville’s November 7, 2017 election. Seema is a first-time candidate, who has called the 3rd district home for over 40 years. During the Primary Election at the end of August, in which the top two candidates move on to the General Election, Seema came in second of four candidates, earning 199 (25%) votes. The first place finisher earned 377 (48%) votes.

Seema has been an advocate in her community for over 20 years who previosuly worked in the field of medical social work to increase access to healthcare for women, people with HIV/AIDS and the homeless population in Knoxville. Seema now leads a jail alternative program for domestic violence offenders. Seema has a daughter who is attending the same public schools Seema did growing up in Knoxville.

Seema’s key issues include:

  • Economic Development: Address economic development inequities, champion Knoxville’s entrepreneurs and support smart, business growth
  • Neighborhoods: Advocate for fair zoning codes, address the opioid epidemic, and improve Knoxville’s walkability and bikeability
  • Taxes: Maintain Knoxville’s low cost of living with good quality of life and services

Learn more about Seema on her website: