WTF Endorsement: Nancy Fischman for State Representative

Nancy FischmanNancy Fischman

Nancy Fischman is running for State Representative in east Tennessee’s District 7, which includes parts of Johnson City and Washington County. Nancy is a small business person, environmental and arts advocate, and longtime community volunteer. She supports WTF values of strong public schools, expansion of health care access, and equality for all citizens.

Here is Nancy in her own words:

I am running because the Republican-controlled legislature has done nothing to benefit hard-working Tennesseans. It has passed mean-spirited legislation that discriminates against wide segments of our population, including women. The legislature for the past several sessions has ignored 280,000 Tennesseans who lack health insurance, has pushed for legislation that prevents women from making their own health care decisions, and refused to consider a bill that guarantees equal wages for equal work.

Public schools in Tennessee have come under attack the last several legislative sessions. The move toward privatization through vouchers, charter schools, and online academies has threatened the tax base for public schools across the state. Public schools are the backbone of our education system, providing our young people, both girls and boys, with the tools that will make them successful adults. Our children deserve the best, most equal education that we can provide, and this must be a priority of our state legislature. Public schools are our guarantee of an educated, productive citizenry.

Voters in District 7 deserve a progressive choice for State Representative, someone who will work to improve their opportunities and their communities. Nancy Fischman is that choice.

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