WTF Endorsement: Khristy Wilkinson for State Senate

Khristy WilkinsonKhristy Wilkinson

Khristy Wilkinson is running for State Senate in District 10, which includes Chattanooga and parts of Hamilton and Bradley counties. She is a WTF Pathfinder candidate, running for a seat that has never been held by a woman. Khristy serves on the Board of Directors of her neighborhood association and is a tireless community volunteer and public school parent. She supports WTF values of expanded health care access, fully funded public schools, and strong wages for Tennessee’s workers.

Here is Khristy in her own words:

I am running for Tennessee State Senate because I am interested in creating policies that really work for people. I am fed up with reading and listening to news about the many ways that the legislature is working against the people of Tennessee: failing to pass Medicaid expansion, rejecting equal pay for women, rejecting local minimum wage standards, and forbidding cities from passing local hire and inclusionary zoning initiatives. Real, working, everyday people need representation in government, and right now, they do not have enough. We deserve better. I want to fight for better.

We all have a stake in making sure that we introduce comprehensive sex education, expand access to women’s health facilities, pass comprehensive health care reform and expand Medicaid, and reduce the rising costs of quality health care. My race also is about representing countless other women just like me, who manage tight family budgets, sacrifice luxuries and amenities to ensure their kids have what they need, and sometimes have to find creative ways to make ends meet. We deserve a voice!

The citizens of District 10 deserve a new advocate in the Senate, one who will fight for the interests of everyday Tennesseans. Khristy Wilkinson is that advocate.

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