WTF Endorsement: Pamela Weston for State Representative

pam-westonPamela Weston

Pamela Weston is running for State Representative in District 21, which includes most of Loudon and Monroe counties in east Tennessee.  Pam is a health care advocate and community activist who supports WTF values of strong public education, health care access, pay equity, and a livable minimum wage.

Here is Pam in her own words:

I am a fierce and knowledgeable warrior for a sensible and legitimate healthcare plan that will bring our federal dollars back to Tennessee.  We have waited far too long and we have watched the unnecessary suffering of our neighbors.  We have lost rural hospitals.  We have failed to create the new jobs needed to boost the economy in rural communities.  We must recognize that access to affordable healthcare impacts workforce and economic development, insurance premiums for families, and the very stability of our communities.  Failing to implement a plan is reckless and irresponsible. 

Too many minimum wage earners are women and many of them are heads of households.  Setting a state minimum wage would immediately raise the standard of living for many, many women which in turn would raise the standard for families.  States that have adopted a minimum wage have fared far better than Tennessee and despite what our legislature would have us believe, their economies have not come crashing down.  There are many supports that are necessary in order for parents to be successfully and gainfully employed, but assuring workers a livable wage would be a great start to growing our middle class.

Citizens of District 21 deserve an experienced and passionate advocate to represent their interests in the legislature. Pamela Weston is that advocate.

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