WTF Endorsement: Marjorie Ramsey for State Representative

marjorie-ramseyMarjorie Ramsey

Marjorie Ramsey is running for State Representative in District 11, which includes Cocke County and parts of Greene and Jefferson counties in east Tennessee. Marjorie is a farmer and community activist who lives on the Centerview farm where she was born and raised. She supports WTF’s advocacy for health care access, common sense politics, and strong public schools.

Here is Marjorie in her own words:

It’s time our government served the interest of ordinary people. In both Nashville and in Washington, government has been overrun by special interests and lobbyists, who think government is an ATM for the rich and well connected. But that not what it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to protect us from dangers, including threats to our personal safety and threats to our economic security. It’s supposed to work alongside business to create the conditions for economic growth and prosperity, not to let big corporations and millionaires take advantage of us with low tax rates and incentives for outsourcing our jobs. And it’s supposed to do what private sector can’t, like insuring strong public education for our children, investing in highways and bridges, and making sure everyone has access to the health care they need. It’s time government worked again for people who work hard and play by the rules. 

Tennesseans want jobs that pay a living wage, education to do the work of the twenty-first century, and passage of Insure TN. The best way to solve our budget problems and grow our economy is to put Tennesseans back to work. So let’s rebuild our roads, bridges, and crumbling schools, reduce classroom overcrowding by hiring more teachers for our kids, and spur investment in manufacturing and clean energy.

Voters in District 11 deserve a progressive choice for State Representative, someone who will work to improve their opportunities and their communities. Marjorie Ramsey is that choice.

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