WTF Endorsement: Trisha Farmer for State Representative

Trisha FarmerTrisha Farmer

Trisha Farmer is running for State Representative in District 57, which encompasses Mt. Juliet, Old Hickory, and parts of Lebanon in Wilson County. Trisha is an entrepreneur and health care advocate who founded the Nashville Birth and Midwife Community, an advocacy group dedicated to improving birth outcomes and to advocacy for the rights of pregnant women. She supports WTF’s goals of pay equity, health care access, quality public education, and women’s right to make their own medical decisions.

Here is Trisha in her own words:

I lost my job in the Great Recession, just as I became pregnant with our first child. I know what it is like to be without health insurance and without a job, and that experience began my advocacy for those who are being left behind by our legislature. Working with Medicaid and low-income Medicare beneficiaries has given me a unique perspective about the challenges that low-income citizens, the elderly, and disabled Tennesseans face, and those citizens are not being adequately represented in state government. 

Equal pay for women is crucial for the economic engine of our families in a state where 1 in 5 children live in poverty. Women are 50% of the earners, and we need to ensure that they are paid equitably, especially in a state where we lead the nation in minimum wage jobs. Adequately funded public education is also indispensable–an educated citizenry is good economic policy. And Insure TN is equally important. We have to have a healthy society to raise healthy children, and if we do not close the insurance gap, we are not serving the children and families in our state.

The citizens of District 57 are being poorly served by a representative who has voted against equal pay and who does not respect women’s right to make their own medical decisions. They deserve a better choice on the ballot, and that choice is Trisha Farmer.

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