WTF Endorsement: Tamra King for State Representative

Tamra KingTamra King

Tamra King is running for State Representative in District 92, which includes Lewisburg and parts of Franklin, Lincoln, Marion, and Marshall counties. Tamra is a former public school teacher and an advocate for teachers. She believes in WTF’s values, including affordable health care, quality public education, and pay equity.

Here is Tamra in her own words:

I have had a growing frustration with the direction our state and federal legislative bodies have taken in the past several years. Government has become a place where money and power rule the day. Legislators are no longer public servants representing all their constituents, but people pushing a personal agenda that benefits a few. I have a strong sense of justice and I am running to advocate for people left behind by our legislature. Education, affordable health care, adequate housing, and equal opportunity should be available to all citizens. 

It has been too long accepted that is it okay for women to be paid less than men for equal work. Many women are the head of their households and required to work two or three minimum wage jobs to keep a roof over their heads. It is a myth that all minimum wage jobs are held by teens. 56% of these jobs are held by women who earn more than half of the income for their family. Opportunities for advancement or more education are often offered to men more quickly than women. We need equality of opportunity and pay to improve the lives of Tennessee families.

District 92 deserves a voice that will speak out for the needs of all of its citizens. Tamra King will be that voice.

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