WTF Endorsement: Sharon Kay Edwards for State Representative

Sharon EdwardsSharon Kay Edwards

Sharon Kay Edwards is running for State Representative in District 62, which includes Shelbyville and parts of Lincoln and Bedford counties. Sharon is a children’s librarian in Lincoln County and a longtime volunteer. She is a strong supporter of WTF goals such as access to health care, quality public education, and equality for all of Tennessee’s citizens.

Here is Sharon in her own words:

My strong frustration with the Tennessee Legislature with regard to healthcare and education was the impetus leading to my decision to run.  I believe I can win becauseI will work across the aisle to do what is best for Tennesseans. I believe a good idea is a good idea, no matter who has it, and I especially feel that way about Insure Tennessee. The House majority spent its time debating ineffective and superfluous legislation: pet skunks, designating a state gun, and fighting over the Bible. Meanwhile, over 280,000 Tennesseans are without any form of Health coverage and rural hospitals are closing. 

Already underfunded public schools are being threatened with the loss of even more funding. Along with taking much needed funding out of public education, a voucher system would essentially widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots, creating racial and socio-economic segregation. Scores of teachers are unhappy with their current jobs and their lack of control in the classroom. Most teachers are working for much less than they deserve in underfunded schools and spending their own money on classroom supplies. We need fully-funded schools that put classroom control back into the hands of the teachers.

The citizens of District 62 deserve an advocate who will speak for those whose priorities are being ignored by our legislature. Sharon Kay Edwards will be that advocate.

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