WTF Endorsement: Laura Bohling for State Representative

Laura BohlingLaura Bohling

Laura Bohling is running in Rutherford County’s District 34, which includes parts of Murfreesboro and Smyrna as well as Eagleville. A former Circuit Court Clerk for Rutherford County, Laura is a strong supporter of WTF values of health care access, fully-funded public schools, and fair wages.

Here is Laura in her own words:

Our legislature has had a solution to the healthcare challenges of Tennessee proposed by none other their own Republican governor. The propaganda campaign against Insure TN is one of the best examples of maintenance of power rather than public service. The money available is, in fact, our own tax money that working Tennesseans have already paid. Hospitals within Tennessee have already agreed to make up any shortfall between the tax dollars collected and the funding needed. It will save them money and keep their doors open – eight hospitals have already closed. 280,000 people worry about health care every day and we have a way to fix it. 

Another serious concern is the lack of recognition of pay inequality. Equal pay for equal work is not simply a catchy phrase, nor is it something that can be brushed away because of a ‘woman’s economic choice.’ Statistics show that regardless of age, education, or location, women make 10-20%, sometimes as much as 25%, less than men. For women of color this gap is even greater. I will make every effort to have serious discussions on how this affects not only the bank accounts of women, but also the health of the economy.

The citizens of District 34 deserve an advocate who understands the issues they care about. Laura Bohling will be that advocate.

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