WTF Endorsement: Gayla Hendrix for State Representative

Gayla HendrixGayla Hendrix

Gayla Hendrix is running for State Representative in District 40, which includes portions of DeKalb, Smith, Sumner, and Trousdale counties. A lifelong resident of DeKalb County and a member of the Smithville City Council, Gayla worked in the DeKalb County schools for 20 years and now practices law in Smithville. She supports WTF values of health care access, pay equity, and strong public schools.

Here is Gayla in her own words:

Living and working in a rural area all these years, I see the impact of poverty on an almost daily basis and know how damaging its ripple effects are for our communities. I see families torn apart by addiction and crime, bankrupted by healthcare bills, and falling through the cracks of a system rigged against them. I see incredible women – mothers, grandmothers, wives, and daughters – display unbelievable strength in catastrophic circumstances. I see desperate women, whose lives are already hanging by threads, targeted time and time again by legislation designed to blame, shame, and punish them. 

As a former teacher, I view public education as a key to a strong democratic society. We must have productive, educated citizens for our democracy to be effective. Public schools must be protected from out-sourcing and voucher programs, which effectively rob resources which would be better and more effectively used in and by public school systems. Curriculum must be determined objectively and by individuals with professional expertise and experience rather than driven by fear and the agendas of outside interests. Above everything else, schools should be safe places for all students.

DeKalb County voters deserve a qualified advocate committed to their interests, and Gayla Hendrix will be that advocate.

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