WTF Endorsement: Becky Goff for State Representative

Becky GoffBecky Goff

Becky Goff is running in Rutherford County’s District 37, which includes parts of Murfreesboro and Smyrna as well as La Vergne. A public school teacher for more than 20 years, Becky is committed to WTF issues such as strong public schools and state universities, access to health care, and pay equity.

Here is Becky in her own words:

As a retiring public school educator, I have witnessed the numerous failed attempts and lack of progress in raising the quality of public education for our students. After meeting with different legislators to voice opposition to vouchers. I decided I need to use my time and talents to restore credibility in our public education. I find no records of success for private firms after taking public money from our students. It is much wiser to use our precious public dollars to assure the best teachers, best resources, best curriculum, etc. and best chance of a bright future for all Tennessee children. 

Tennesseans are at a crossroads for change. I’m ready to make people the priority instead of the special interests that dominate our politics. And what bothers me most is that we have this so-called Christian Legislature that is wasting so much taxpayer money pandering to look good here in the heart of the Bible Belt while, for the last two years, they’ve basically made a mockery of themselves by failing to pass Insure Tennessee and to follow the teachings of the Bible that they want to honor as the state book. I’m just sick of looking at the news every day and hearing some other crazy thing that they’ve done.

District 37 needs a strong voice for the interests of the people, not politics. Becky Goff will be that voice.

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